The Institute of Criminology at the Faculty of Law was established in 1954. It was the first criminological institute in former Yugoslavia and one of the oldest criminological institutes in Europe.

Aleš Završnik
Aleš ZavršnikDirector and Researcher
Fields of research: criminology, criminal law, philosophy of law, psychology and law, law and psychoanalysis, post-structural analysis of law, crime and technology, cybercrime
Renata Salecl
Renata SaleclResearcher
Fields of research: criminology and psychoanalysis, law and psychoanalysis, philosophy, sociology of culture, political culture, culture and violence
Matjaž Jager
Matjaž JagerResearcher
Fields of research: criminology, criminal law, economic analysis of criminal law, philosophy of criminal law, ethics and criminal law
Zoran Kanduč
Zoran KandučResearcher
Fields of research: theoretical criminology structural violence
Mojca M. Plesnicar
Mojca M. PlesnicarResearcher
Fields of research: sentencing, criminology, penology, criminal procedure, psychology and law
Vasja Badalič
Vasja BadaličResearcher
Fields of research: structuralism, political philosophy, social philosophy
Katja Simončič
Katja SimončičResearcher
Field of research: criminology
Pika Šarf
Pika ŠarfYoung researcher
Fields of research: criminal law and technology, cybercrime, privacy and personal data protection
Marko Drobnjak
Marko DrobnjakYoung researcher
Fields of research: language and law (legal language, legal discourse), forensic linguistics, computational linguistics, speech perception, media and criminology, penology
Lora Briški
Lora BriškiYoung researcher
Fields of research: psychology and law, victims of crime, criminal law.
Ana Babnik
Ana BabnikResearcher
Fields of research: criminology, criminal law and technology, empirical research
Barbara Biziljlibrarian

Professional staff of Institute of Criminology is led by the director. It consists of senior researchers, part-time researches, external collaborates, junior researchers. Researchers hold a Ph.D with various internal titles such as senior scientific counselor, senior scientific fellows and scientific fellows. Junior researchers hold bachelor’s degree or master’s degree are part of the institute wihile pursuing a Ph.D. The rest of the staff consists of library and administration staff.

Part-time researchers

  • Matjaž Ambrož, PhD Law, Researcher, Professor
  • Katja Filipčič, PhD Law, Researcher, Associate Professor
  • Primož Križnar, M.A. Law, Researcher
  • Miha Hafner, PhD Law, Researcher, Assistant Professor
  • Katja Šugman Stubbs, PhD, Researcher, Full Professor
  • Lilijana Selinšek, PhD, Researcher, Assistant Professor
  • Eva Bertok, PhD, Researcher
  • Nesa Vrečer, M.A. in Philosophy, Researcher
  • Luka Mišič, PhD Law, Researcher, Assistant Professor
  • Karmen Lutman, PhD Law, Researcher, Assistant Professor
  • Lara Dular, M.A. Law, Researcher

Visiting scholars

  • Jakub Drapal, (2020), Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University in Prague.
  • Maja Brkan, Ph.D. (2020), University of Ljubljana, Associate Professor of EU law, Faculty of law of Maastricht University
  • Noah Charney, Ph.D. University of Ljubljana, Founding Director of ARCA – Association for Research into Crimes against Art, St. John’s College, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Cary H. Federman, Ph.D. (2005-2006), Montclair State University, New Jersey, ZDA, štipendist fundacije Fulbright
  • Insa Haertel, Ph.D. (2006), Universitaet Bremen, Wissenschaftliche Assistentin
  • Edgar Tijhuis, Ph.D. (2006), University of Leiden, Netherlands. ARCA – Association for Research into Crimes against Art, Amelia, Italy. Katschberg Consulting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.